What the strengths and limitations are of particular family assessment tools.

What the strengths and limitations are of particular family assessment tools.

? what the strengths and limitations are of particular family assessment tools.
Q1 What is genograms? How it is useful in family assessment
Q2 Draw genogram for provided case study.
Q2 what is the strengths and limitation of the genograms family assessment tool?
Q3 . Illustrate the use of this tool of the provided family case scenarios.?

case study
Tamara Kuhn is a 15 year-old female, in year 10 at Parkway High School. She loves singing,
dancing, and acting in school plays. She also enjoys playing school soccer and is a member of
the girls? soccer team. Tamara gets good grades in school, but she has to work hard and put in
lots of time to keep up with her schoolwork and activities. Her grades are above average in the
A to B range.
Tamara lives with her biological mother and step-father. Her biological father Martin, aged 43
years, resides in Baker Hill as well, but he has not maintained a relationship with her since he
divorced her mother in 2006. Martin has remarried Simone, who is 33 years old. They do not
have any children. Tamara also has a brother, George who lives interstate and Tamara has no
relationship or contact with him either. George, who is 21 years old, is gay and lives with his
partner, Jeremy, aged 28. His parents do not speak to him.
Tamara comes from an upper middle class family. Her stepfather, Stephen aged 48 years, is a
high school graduate and owns his own construction business. Her mother, Brenda aged 43
years is a homemaker and left school after year 11. Tamara and her family live in Southern
Gardens, a small subdivision in Baker Hill. The family, for the most part, keeps to themselves
and do not have any close, personal associations with others. The few associates they have are
business colleagues and people from their church group.
Stephen is relatively healthy, he is approximately 185cms (6 feet) tall, has dark brown hair,
brown eyes, and weighs around 91kg (200 pounds). He has no known physical illness. His
father Christopher dies two years ago when he was 70 years old, from lung cancer. Stephen?s
mother, Elizabeth, aged 71 years, has dementia and now resides in a nursing home. Stephen
does not like to visit her, as she no longer recognizes him.
Tamara?s mother Brenda is 163cm (5 feet 4 inches) tall, has blonde hair, brown eyes and
noticeable symptoms of depression. She also has a significant drinking problem, which has
been evident for about five years now. Brenda?s parents Jozica aged 72 years and Reinhard
aged 76 years are both still alive and living independently. Brenda tries to visit them every
fortnight but this has been putting some strain on her relationship with Stephen, as he does not
get along well with them


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