What is the geopolitical community in you live?, week 1 discussion 6 help

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Consider the different communities to which you belong:

  1. What is the geopolitical community in you live? I live in Roseville California which is really a suburb of Sacramento, the state capitol. We are pretty centrally located, east of San Francisco and surrounded by the largest growers of rice for the world and northwest of one of the largest growing areas in the nation for fruits and vegetables. We are a gateway for our water to head down to Los Angeles.
  2.  Why is it geopolitical? We are geopolitical because there is always debate about how much water should be going to the farmers and how much to ship to southern California.  Last years draught there was not enough to go around.  There is debate on the State of Jefferson; this is a growing movement of people who want to form a new state from southern Oregon to just north of Sacramento.  They are mostly conservative farmers and land owners who want to break away from the politics of the liberal left in the city, which has a strong voice in California.
  3. What is a phenomenological community to which you belong? My phenomenological community is my social group which I am involved with. Why is it a phenomenological community? Because this group shares common interests with me and my family.  For the most part we are in the same religious affiliation and share common political views.  We enjoy each other’s company in doing fitness activities and fun outings. We gather together for meals, celebrations and support.
  4. What would some challenges and benefits be for community health nurses in providing care for different communities?  I think the biggest challenge for community health would be cultural diversity. Other challenges would include the health of the community. Are you in an area where fresh fruits and vegetables are available?  What is the education and social climate? As a public health nurse, you need to work with what you have. Some communities do not have a lot, where others have an abundance. Benefits for community health nurses in different communities are bringing new ideas and tolerances to a different community.  According to the Campaign for Action the best way to get better community health nursing is for these nurses to become part of the leadership teams that are making decisions (2016). Theses nurses are in the communities and know what needs to be put into place to help communities achieve health.  Some under privileged communities need this voice.
  5.  For similar communities? Challenges for similar communities may be that the health care nurse may make assumptions based on what she thinks instead of what is fact. She may assume that since the community is the same ethnicity as hers for instance that they have the same needs.  Each community must be assessed as individual, just as people.  A benefit may be that you can use these similarities to help understand a community and the culture.  Challenges for the same community? Perhaps the nurse knows individuals or families she is trying to help but they do not want to be that vulnerable. In some cases, it is easier to talk to a stranger than a family friend, to know personal information, say about sex or drugs in fear of being “found out”.  Benefits for the same community would be; you know your community, you know the problems and the issues. You know how people will respond and what they are likely to respond to. What are some possible solutions to the challenges? The challenges need to be dealt with one on one.  If you take time to know what the culture is, what the needs and challenges are of each community you are better able to address the people. You need to establish rapport and a level of trust with those you are working with.
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