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This week we are looking at the challenges parents find when children are in the late adolescent stage. At this point in life, mistakes can be more costly to the child’s future.

enlightenedAttention to grammar, spelling, and English stylistics in postings give your work a professional appearance.

enlightenedWhile you need to address two of the four questions this week, your reply does not have to be balanced in detail. If one question is more important to you than the other, please expand in the one area that gives you the most interest.

  1. By the time kids reach the late adolescence stage, their relationships are more complex, as are the issues they face. Based on the reading and your personal experiences, discuss what you think will be the most challenging part of parenting a child in this stage of development? Why? Explain, as a parent, can you provide support and guidance while remaining in the role of a parent? What are some ways the parent can aid in the development of self for the child at this age?
  2. As children transition into the stage of adulthood, discuss what it means to be an adult?
  3. Explain how work for the parent impacts the relationship within the family? How do parents balance the responsibility of work and home?
  4. With the economy the way it is, many adults are moving back home to live with their parents. Some aging parents are moving in with their adult children because they require care. Discuss what are some of the challenges that arise (in either scenario) and suggestions for dealing with those challenges?
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