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The nursing shortage is increasing in the U.S due to the baby boomers and the need of growth of the nurses. The nursing colleges of America are unable to keep up with the increasing demand of nurses. The colleges are unable to produce enough nurses due to capacity levels and the health care reform (Nursing Shortage, 2014). The American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) has begun to working with nursing colleges, policy makers, media and various nursing organizations to bring attention to the nursing shortage (Nursing Shortage, 2014). The demand for nurses expected to grow from 2.71 million to 3.24 million from 2012 to 2022 (Nursing Shortage, 2014). The nursing shortage impacts nurses by increasing their stress levels due to higher patient ratios, increased nursing burnout ( Nursing Shortage, 2014). It is projected greater than 1 million nurses will retire within the next 10-15 years which will increase the nursing shortage. When nurses have higher patient ratios it affects the nurses by decreasing the quality of their work life, quality of patient care, spending less time with their patients which in turn will drive nurses out of the profession thus increasing the nursing shortage ( Nursing Shortage, 2014). The impact of the nursing shortage to the public include: the increased rate of mortality, increased urinary tract infections, surgical site infections, increase failure-to-rescue and increased readmission to the hospital (Nursing Shortage, 214). The AACN states that there is a direct link to baccalaureate-prepared nurses and lower mortality rates and stating to address the nursing shortage there needs to be focus on preparing more baccalaureate-prepared nurses. By preparing nurses with higher education this will help ensure higher quality of patient care and safe patient care (Nursing shortage, 2014). To help with a resolution to the nursing shortage, nursing schools around America are forming partnerships and seeking support from private institutions to increase the capacity of students in nursing programs (Nursing Shortage, 2014). The University of Minnesota has set a great example on obtaining these partnerships and more universities can use this partnership as a guide to helping solve the problem. Minnesota has obtained a partnership with the Minnesota VA Health Care System. The partnership will help increase the number of students enrolled in the baccalaureate nursing program. Since this will help with the care provided to the veterans, they invested 5.3 million dollars to the university to help with hiring more faculty, expand clinical sites and support interprofessional engagement (Nursing Shortage, 2014).

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