W hat’s a receptor-mecliatedp rocess?


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FimalEssays , i , n.) Pleased iscusst he meehanismsth at Eordeteiiap ertussis,S treptococcups neumoniaet, Corynebacterium diphtheriae and lufycobacterium tuberculosis utilize to cause disease in the respiratory tract You must statew hat diseaset hese,m icroorganismsc ausea nd what role does transduction play in their disease catrsing process. In addition, please discuss the host immune defensest he microbes would have to overcome to be successftila t cau-singd isease.A lso, please discuss what the microbe could contain that would allow them to overcome these host imrnune responses,a nd the associatio.nb etwerenn ormal flora and respiratory tract infections. Include a discussion what roles personal hygiene, quorum sensing and sequential timing play in :microbial respiratory tract diseases.W hat’s a receptor-mecliatedp rocess?W hat’s the significanee of SOD and catalase to the pathogenesis of lTordetella pertusis? What’s an obligate aerobe? Slhat’s generalized and specialized hansduction and their significance to the pathogenesis of Str epto co c cws pneurnoniae and C orlmeb acteriurn diphtheriae? 2.) Please discuss the mechanisms that Clostridium tetani and botulinum, Streptococctts pneumoniae and Trypanosomac ruz,ia nd brucei. utilize to causied iseasei n the nervous system. You must state what disease these nticroorganisms cause. In a

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