Topic 4 DQ 1-2

Question Description

Please make comment to text below, included references and citation.

In order for a nurse to successfully gather any information, including cultural, an accurate and thorough assessment must be done. Thorough assessment gives the nurse the picture of the patient that is necessary to provide individualized care (Grand Canyon University, 2018). According to Grand Canyon University, the Heritage Assessment Tool (HAT) is an effective tool nurses often use to gather cultural information. There is a table that can be used as a guide to gather data. The HAT can provide a multitude of information regarding the patient’s culture, beliefs, needs, and practices that can have an effect on care being provided.

Cultural competency can be related to better patient care in regards that it can provide better ways to reach the patient. Cultural competency means being aware of differences related to culture and adjusting plans of care accordingly as well as remaining sensitive and respectful of choices patients may make based on their culture (Grand Canyon University, 2018). It is important as a nurse to be aware of cultural preferences that can assist the nursing staff in providing better care and therefore making the patient have a positive patient outcome.

What are some ways that you have been able to incorporate a different cultural background into patient care?

Grand Canyon University (Ed). (2018). Health promotion: Health & wellness across the continuum. Retrieved from

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