Topic 11 DQ2-2

Question Description

Please respond to the following post with your opinion add citation and references.

Peer pressure is a common stressor for adolescent. Worrying about fitting into the group and friends and trying to impress their friends just to get along is very stressful to this age group. They are so eager to compete with their age groups that they are willing to sacrifice and go extra miles to fit in, which creates negative attitude and behaviors in the adolescent. Peer pressure can be positive attitude, for example; positive peer pressure can be used to pressure bullies into acting better towards other kids. while Negative peer pressure is when a friend influence another friend to shoplift with him or her. Another external stressor is drastic life changes. Adolescent do not embrace changes quickly changes like moving to another environment or school can make adolescent uncomfortable. the stress of making new friends or fitting into the school system, or the fear of getting bulled as the new student in the school can be stressful to this age group. This stressor can lead to social withdrawal for the adolescent, trying to avoid peers, low self esteem and loneliness. Offering encouragement to the adolescent to talk about what is worrying them is very therapeutic, listening to their feelings give them more confident and trust in the parent. As parent we should avoid been judgmental of their behaviors because it drives them crazy and shuts them down from communication.

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