Theoretical fundation

Question Description

Question 1: Indicate where you would place the emerging theory, Caring from a Christian Worldview.Do you consider it to be a worldview, philosophy, grand theory, middle-range theory or situation specific theory?Determine where you would place it and provide convincing rationale to justify this position.

Question 2:Concept development is one of the most important aspects for theory development.The operational definitions of some of the concepts for this project are listed below.Examine each concept in bold and the definition next to it; indicate if you agree, are neutral, or disagree to these definitions.Provide comments to justify your choice and any comments that you believe will strengthen the operational definition. 
At least one comment and/or suggestion per concept is required.

Caring from a Christian WorldviewCore Concepts
Biblical Christian – A person who interprets everything in light of what the Bible teaches (Newbanks, 2015).
1) Agree:2) Neutral:3) DisagreeComment
Imago Dei Latin term for the image of God in man. Reflective of Genesis 1:27 that states God created man in his own image, not in physical form, but moral, spiritual, and intellectual nature (Rieg, Newbanks, Sprunger, 2017).
1) Agree:2) Neutral:3) DisagreeComment
Biblical Behaviors of Christianity – Behaviors found in the Bible that describe Christian characteristics and faith practices, which include fellowship, giving, service, and personal walkPersonal walk. The practice of individual Bible devotions and prayer.Giving. The practice of sharing resources to support a place of worship and other ministries.Service. The practice of volunteering time to help others.Fellowship. The practice of meeting together with a community of believers (Rieg, Newbanks, & Sprunger, 2017).
11) Agree:2) Neutral:3) DisagreeComment
Caring / Biblically based caring – An attitudinal response to the teachings and example of Jesus Christ in serving others while promoting optimum health and exercising therapeutic interventions to meet the holistic needs of individuals. (Newbanks, 2015; Shelly & Miller, 2006)
1) Agree:2) Neutral:3) DisagreeComment
Deity:Reflected by terms of God, Jesus, or Holy Spirit. (Rieg, Newbanks, & Sprunger, 2017)
1) Agree:2) Neutral:3) DisagreeComment
Origin / Source of Caring:The self-described basis that is the reason for caring (Newbanks, 2015; Newbanks, Rieg, & Schaefer, 2017)
1) Agree:2) Neutral:3) DisagreeComment
Metaparadigm Concepts as Reflected from a Biblical Christian Worldview
Person – Created in the image of God, sinful, integrated being, relational (to God and others), loved and redeemed by God, responsible and accountable (Shelly & Miller, 2006).
1) Agree:2) Neutral:3) DisagreeComment
Health – Shalom; God-centered community characterized by peace, prosperity, rest, safety, security, justice, happiness, health, welfare and wholeness (Shelly & Miller, 2006).
1) Agree:2) Neutral:3) DisagreeComment
Nursing – A ministry of compassionate care for the whole person in response to God’s grace, which aims to foster optimum health (shalom) and bring comfort in suffering and death. (Shelly & Miller 2006)
1) Agree:2) Neutral:3) DisagreeComment
Environment – All things, seen and unseen, distinct from God but under his nurture and control, created good but polluted by sin, redeemed and to be re-created by God.Under human stewardship (Shelly & Miller, 2006).
1) Agree:2) Neutral:3) DisagreeComment


Newbanks, S. (2015). An integrative critical literature review toward the development of a middle range theory on caring from a biblical Christian worldview.(Unpublished doctoral dissertation). Indiana Wesleyan University, Marion, IN.

Newbanks, R. S., Rieg, L. S., & Schaefer, B. (2017). What is caring in nursing? Sorting out humanistic and Christian perspectives. Journal of Christian Nursing. Advance ahead of publication: DOI: 10.1097/CNJ.0000000000000441.

Rieg, L., Newbanks, S. & Sprunger, R. (2017).Caring from a Christian worldview: Exploring nurses’ source of caring, faith practices, and view of nursing. Journal of Christian Nursing. Advance ahead of publication: DOI: 10.1097/CNJ.0000000000000474.

Shelly, J. A. & Miller, A. B. (2006).Called to care: A Christian theology of nursing (2nd ed.).Downers Grove, Ill:Intervarsity Press.

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