the criminal justice process, law homework help

Question description

There are two components to this week’s homework.

Part 1

Prepare a section of your Capstone Portfolio by responding to the following prompt:

Discuss the nature of victim participation in the criminal justice process. Provide your assessment on the adequacy of this participation.

This assignment will make up section 3f of your final Capstone Portfolio. Your paper should be a minimum of 1 to 2 pages.

Part 2

Several of the courses within your degree program have provided you with information on criminal investigations. These courses have ranged from a basic overview of the purpose of criminal investigations to detailed instructions regarding how a criminal investigation is conducted. Think back to the time before you began this program. Most likely, much of your perspective on criminal investigations was obtained from TV shows, news reports, or contact with various law enforcement entities.

For this portion of your Capstone Portfolio, examine how your perspective has changed since becoming more knowledgeable about criminal investigations and explain in what specific areas this change has occurred.

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