Social Media Marketing Question

Your total response (not counting the restatement of the questions (or at least subject headers) which I ask that you include) must be 200-words and you must include an outside reference.


Question – Chapter 19 (Nineteen) in the THE NEW RULES OF MARKETING & PR talks about VIDEO & PODCASTING.    The Today Show (earlier this year) identified the TOP NEW PRODUCTS for 2014.  The newspaper USA TODAY did the same   So did many other news organizations like Fodors:   And here is another: (I love this web site)!   Bottom-line, these lists are all over the place on the web!    If you were the Marketing Manager for the ONE of these products – you choose which one – what would you do to get exposure for this product?     Read Chapter 19 and APPLY your learning to ONE of these products that you choose.  Use a MARKETING reference beyond the web site of the product!   Use outside references to support this task.  Write enough to meet the word count requirement. 
Use an authored outside reference to support your write-up.

Do not use WIKIPEDIA or blogs as references this semester!  Avoid encyclopedias and dictionaries as references too – put some effort into your work.  Make sure to use proper grammar and spelling with your postings.  No all capital letters or all non-capitalized typing allowed.

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