Rivaroxaban Powerpoint

I need a powerpoint presentation put together. I’m providing all the information for the slides i just need someone to do it for me.Here is the format for the slides:Contain content addressing the items below.PharmacotheraputicsState the drug name and its therapeutic categoryPharmacodynamics (how does this drug work to achieve its intended response)Pharmacokinetics (how is this drug absorbed, distributed, metabolized, and excreted).Discuss dosage, scheduling, route, and length of therapy.Describe what clients can expect regarding their therapeutic response and when it should developIntroduce nondrug measures that clients can do to enhance their therapeutic response (e.g., specific diet to follow, exercise requirements, substances to avoid, special precautions to take, etc.)Side Effects, Adverse Effects, and InteractionsExplain the symptoms of common side effects, and what clients can do to minimize any discomfortExplain the symptoms of any major adverse effects, and what clients should do if they experience themList the major adverse drug-drug interactions and drug-food interactions that clients need to be made aware ofFollow-up CareProvide information regarding when clients should call their doctor for advice (e.g., questions, non-urgent symptoms, unpleasant side effects, etc.)Emphasize any symptoms for which clients should seek immediate care (e.g., when to go to the emergency center or call 911)Use the Speaker Notes feature in PowerPoint to reduce the amount of text that appears on the content slides.The Speaker Notes for each slide will contain the text that will guide what the trainer will say while presenting the slides during the in-service.The content slides themselves should be clear and easy to understand; they serve as an outline so the audience can follow along with what is being presented.

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