1. (2 point) What do you mean by “computer security” or “cyber-security”?
2. (6 points) Identify and briefly describe the key distinguishing features separating data security, system security and network security.
3. (4 point) Who are computer hackers, and how has the term “hacker” evolved?
4. (2 point) What is meant by the expression “hacker code of ethics”?
5. (2 point) What, exactly, is cyber-terrorism?
6. (4 points) What is meant by “hacktivism”? How is it distinguished from traditional computer hacking?
7. (2 points) What is meant by “information warfare”? How can information warfare be distinguished from cyber-terrorism?
8. (8 points) Identify and Briefly describe four types of countermeasures that can be used to enhance computer security: firewalls, antivirus software/spyware, encryption, and anonymity tools.


Make sure to:

1) copy and paste the questions to a word document.

2) keep questions in bold font.

3) Answers should be in regular (not bold) font. each answer should follow its question. 

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