Psychology Short Research Paper Rubric

Psychology Short Research Paper Rubric

Select a theorist of your choice as a topic. If the theorist has copious work and related topics (such as Freud) or depression , you may need to limit your topic. This is a short research paper.

Select a disorder of your choice as a topic. This is a short Research paper.

Length: 3 -4 pages

Formatting and Citations : Select APA style ( or MLA style., if I give permission). Please note: a works cited page is required.

Due Dates: First Paper:, and for Psychology 230  a Second Paper Â

Presentation: Informal 3-5 minutes. What did you find in your research to be salient and fascinating. This does not have to be a power point. It is informal.

A research paper with two-three resources at a minimum. It is to cover the biography and background of your theorist, a summary of your theorists contributions to psychology and his or her accomplishments, and an explanation of the applications of your theorists research and work.

Is Your Textbook a Possible Reference ? Certainly

What This Paper Is Not:

An argument paper or a book report. It is not an opportunity to forget everything your English teachers and professors ever taught you !

What If the Grade You Receive Is Unsatisfactory ?  You may rewrite the paper for a replacement grade.

What If You Believe You Need Help ? Set a meeting for assistance.

Formatting and Citations: Go to Purdue Owl Websites. Select APA or MLA.

Content: your theorists biography, theory or theories summarized, an explanation of the influences on this theorists work and ideas, and an explanation of how your theorist influenced psychology And a disorder of your choice. Include symptoms, causes, treatment, theories related to it, etc.

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