Psy Research Task

check out how APA format does the page numbers on title page.

in the abstract – “topping to this is the…”  is awkward. not sure what ‘topping to this’ means.   The abstract is excellently written but is more of an intro to the stroop effect more than an abstract to the research that you are proposing.  A real abstract gives a few sentences on the history / topic, a few on the current research, the findings, etc  You have to modify it a bit since you aren’t running the experiment but should still be discussing your research ideas, etc.

– look at see what APA format uses instead of ‘Introduction”.

– in the intro, remember the reader has no idea what the topic is so the first two sentences will not make sense to them  (read it without reading the abstract first – they dont tell what the subject is you are talking about).

– Macleod empties Stroop effect (is a word missing?)

–  an overall once over for edits.

dont use contractions.

– you are really going to have to pull in the information about biofules / asia / bugs / etc. I’m having a hard time making the connection.

my last comment is that there appears to be a lot of topics gathered here. Based on the intro, I assumed this was going to be about how you put the stroop effect into effect to test for mental illness.  but it isn’t.  you mention nurses, application to shapes, bilingual, and advertisements. It is hard to cover all of that in one paper and it is hard to follow.   At minimum, you need to use headings and subheadings to try and group various topics.    Since your research is based on bsuiness and marketing, I’d stick to the reserach that is currently related to that and leave mental health, etc out of it.

– it appears the paper is repeated. ?

– on your predicted results, you may consider adding whatever type of statistics you would run, etc.

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