Proton Therapy Center Business Feasibility Plan

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Proton Therapy Center Business Feasibility Plan

This team assignment is the preparation of a semester-long report/study applying the course contents to the issues of an actual business feasibility plan based on the contents of a case study.

The objective of this assignment is to demonstrate through application the course concepts by developing a real-life business feasibility plan (this is short of a full- fledged business plan). It is clear, that given the limited amount of time and resources, the plans can’t be fully fledged, ready-to-go business plans. Especially in the area of final supply side of businesses, teams will have to work with qualified guesses – since this class only introduces the topic of entrepreneurial finances.

This assignment is worth twenty (20) percent of the semester grade.

You have been asked to develop a Business Feasibility Plan based on the attached Case Study “Proton Cancer Therapy Center: An Entrepreneur’s Dilemma” by Marlene Mints Reed and Rochelle Reed Brunson (2011), Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, 35: 1091–1100. This case analysis is to serve as the background information and launching-point for teams to being a contemporaneous business planning endeavor. Each team is to select a location for their project different from that of the Case Analysis (i.e., not in Houston, Texas).

Team Formation: You are to assemble a team of fellow classmates of your choosing of two (2) or three (3) members. It is expected that all group members make equal contributions to the project. A single grade will be given to all members of the team.

Business Feasibility Plan Content: A basic outline of a business plan is as follows. A Business Feasibility Plan differs in that the financial projections are not as robust. In this instance, financial projections will be limited to start-up costs, profit/loss, cash- flow and a breakeven analysis. Otherwise, each of these sections should be fully developed based on the information found within the Case Analysis and through research to being the business plan concurrent with 2018.

 Executive Summary
 Company/Entity Description  Market Analysis
 Organization & Management  Services or Product Line
 Marketing & Sales
 Funding Request
 Financial Projections
 Appendix


Relevant materials – articles, examples, forms, teaching notes, etc., for the development of a business plan will be provide during the semester. However, it is recommended that teams begin researching business planning, business plans, start-up guides, etc. to help form the contents of the plan.

A recommended initial source is the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) and their recommendations for creating a business plan. » Starting & Managing a Business » Starting a Business » Create Your Business Plan

Reference all sources within your document (except for the textbook case analysis) in the accepted ASCE referencing style. To cite material found in the text, use a modified title-page method as follows: (Text, p.x) to identify the page within the textbook.

A comprehensive guide to the ASCE reference style is available on the ASCE Website on the “Home / Journals / Authors / Publishing in ASCE Journals” page as the e-book: “Publishing in ASCE Journals: A Guide for Authors.” Refer to the “Referencing” section therein.…

Criteria for the assignment will include elements such as:

 Depth of research investigation (covering Case Analyses content, Proton Therapy, medical development, etc.).

 Completion of all aspects of the assignment (research, business plan content, translation to contemporary location).

 Incorporation of course material.
 Writing clarity, organization, conciseness, and grammar.

Document: The Proton Therapy Center semester project is to be submitted in PDF form via e-mail and supplied in hardcopy at the time of presentation. Convert all text files (Word Documents), graphics, spreadsheets (Excel Files), or other file types into PDF format and combine into a single cohesive report.

Presentation: A twenty (20) minute presentation of the business feasibility plan is to be made. A copy of any presentation materials – PowerPoint slides, handouts, etc. are to be submitted in PDF form via e-mail and supplied in hardcopy at the time of presentation.

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