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In this course you will develop a project plan; in each assessment you will complete different component of this plan. Complete the assessments in the order in which they are presented.

For this assessment, analyze a project, select the subject matter to use for your project plan, and write a project charter for your selected project.

Be sure to use the following resources as you complete your assessment:

  • Review the Concept Map (linked in the Resources under the Capella Multimedia heading) to view the project management life cycle.
  • Read the Assessment 1 Coaching document (linked in the Resources under the Required Resources heading) for expert tips and advice on how to create a project scope statement.
  • Refer to the Project Charter media piece (linked in the Resources under the Capella Multimedia heading) for information on project charters.


  1. Read Davis’s 2005 article, “An Experiential Case Study in IT Project Management Planning: The Petroleum Engineering Economics Evaluation Software Imperative.” This article is linked in the Resources under the Required Resources heading. As you read, consider these questions:
    • What is the background of this project? That is, why is it being done and what are the key player’s expectations?
    • Who are the stakeholders for this project?
    • What is the organizational context of this project?
  2. After reading the article, write a 2–3-page paper in which you address the following as they relate to the article:
    • Analyze three concerns about the project related to the stakeholders, project background, or organizational context.
    • Describe potential solutions for the project risks.
    • Describe risks to the project that might be specific to a project in this industry or area.

Be sure to properly reference and cite the Davis article in your paper using APA style and formatting.


Now is the time to choose the subject matter for your project plan. You will use the subject matter you choose for this assessment to complete the project charter and Assessments 2–6. The Davis article addresses some of the important questions you must ask when beginning a project. As you choose the subject matter for your project plan, ask questions based on the information in the Davis article to help with your choice.

The subject matter for your project plan must come from one of the following two options. Once you have selected your project, use it to create your project charter in Part 3 of this assessment.

Choose Your Own Project (Web Portal)

You may choose a project of your own that meets the following requirements:

  • There is a clear business purpose and a specific completion outcome.
  • The completion window is self paced but must be completed before the end of the present quarter.
  • Cost estimates that serve as the basis for a budget are used as part of the plan development process.


At a project’s initiation, management and stakeholders authorize and approve the work to be done. This process often takes the form of a project charter, which can be either an informal document or a formal contract. In both cases, key stakeholders should sign the document to indicate their approval.

For this part of the assessment, use the Project Charter Template, linked in the Resources under the Required Resources heading, to create a project charter for the project you selected in Part 2. Your project charter should include the following components:

  • Business Need: Describe the business need/requirement for the project. Indicate how this will align with organizational strategic goals and objectives.
  • Project Objectives: Describe the implementation of the project followed with bullet points regarding the major deliverables
  • Approach: Describe how the project will be managed.
  • Assumptions/Constraints/Dependencies: Describe each of these things as they relate to the project.
  • Initial Risk Factors: Describe the risk factors identified to date.
  • Regulatory Cost/Impact: Describe the regulatory impacts of the project.

Submit the following:

  • 2–3-page project analysis.
  • Project charter (using the Project Charter Template).


  • Written communication: Ensure that your writing is free of errors that detract from the overall message.
  • APA formatting: Format resources and citations according to APA (6th edition) style.
  • Number of resources: Use a minimum of one resource in your project analysis.
  • Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12-point.
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