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Write a Nutritional Research Paper about the 3 professional journal articles from the expanded bibliography in the attachment below. Instruction are the following: PAPER REQUIREMENTS Content: 1. Topic & References: The paper must be about a human nutrition topic and also must be about the 3 professional journal articles from your expanded bibliography. This includes that requirement that your 3 main references must be from 2007 or later and must be from professional peer-reviewed journals in nutrition, medicine, nursing, kinesiology, allied health, or science. (See the expanded bibliography guidelines for further information on reference requirements.) 2. The paper must be written in your own works (and sentences). There should be NO COPYING from references, even if citations are given. 3. Parts to Include: a. Introduction (first paragraph) – Briefly introduce your topic. Include a thesis statement. The thesis statement is one or two sentences that give the main idea of your paper. It should be clear from your introduction what your topic is and what your paper will be about. b. Body (supporting paragraphs) – Explain and discuss the major points of each reference. Your paper should include the following things about your articles (and you can write about additional features of your articles if desired): For research articles, discuss the research design, major findings, and major conclusions. For position papers, include relevant findings (including research findings) and the major positions taken on your topic. Be sure to include the name of the organization adopting the position paper. For review articles, include the number and type of research projects reviewed (if given), an explanation/discussion of major research results discussed in the article, and the major conclusions reached by the authors. Your references should be cited in the body of your paper following MLA or APA style. For example, if you state a fact, make a quote, or provide information from one of your references, then the source needs to be cited in both the text of your paper and in the reference list using MLA or APA format. c. Your own evaluation of the information in these articles: What, in your opinion, is the significance of the information or findings in your 3 articles? You can choose where to put this in your paper. For example, you could have a paragraph towards the end of your paper that evaluates all 3 articles at once, or you could evaluate the articles one by one as you write about them. d. Conclusion (final paragraph) – Briefly summarize and wrap-up your paper. Your conclusion should reinforce your thesis statement. e. Reference List – Use APA or MLA citation style. Papers will be considered incomplete with out a reference list. FAQ: Are more than 3 references allowed? Yes, as long as the additional references are from professional sources (textbooks, journal articles, medical dictionary etc-), make only a minor or supporting addition to your paper, and are cited properly. For example, if a student uses the textbook for a definition or for background information in the introduction, then the textbook should be cited in-text and in the reference list. The focus of your paper should be the 3 journal articles from your expanded bibliography (articles on your topic from professional peerreviewed journals, 2007 or later). Length & Format: 1. Title page with your topic title, your name, class session, and the date 2. Typed, double spaced, 12-point font, 1-inch margins 3. Use APA or MLA format: this means in-text citations (citations in the body of your paper) and a reference list are required. 4. Minimum 3 full pages of writing (to the bottom of the third page), not counting title page and reference list. Four to six pages are suggested. Papers shorter than 3 full pages will be incomplete and will not receive credit until completed; the late penalty may apply (the policy for incomplete assignments is at the end of these guidelines). The optimal length for your paper is the length you need to fulfill the assignment guidelines.

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