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You have been given the assignment of forecasting the human resources need of the National Bank and Trust Company which currently employees approximately 1,100 people. The bank presently has 50 branch offices located throughout the metropolitan area, each of which employs approximately 14 individuals. The bank expects to add 38 branches during the next 3 years Branches within the bank differ considerably in size so the figure given represent averages. During the past month, the bank place an order for 30 automated teller machines to be placed in its former branch offices. These machines are scheduled to be in operation December 31, one year from now. The bank has found that for each new machine purchased, one less teller is needed, on average. A breakdown of the bank’s current staffing is as follows:

Total Employees 1,100

Number of Branches 50

Supervisors per Branch 4

Teller per branch 10

Number of teller 500

Branch employees 700

Main Office Employees 400

First based on the assumptions given above, you are required to determine employee turnover for the main office, former branches and new branches for the next 3 years.

Second you need to find the number of new employees the bank will need to hire for each major personnel category for each of the next three years.

Third find the total number of employees who will be working for the bank as of the end of each of the next three years.

In order to complete your tasks, you are to make a number of assumptions. They are:

1. you are making all projections in December for subsequent years ending Dec. 31.

2. With regard to former branches assume: the 50 former branches employ 4 supervisors and 10 clerical personnel/ tellers each, On Dec. 31 (one year hence) 30 teller machines are placed in operation and replace 30 tellers, the bank does not terminate any employees because of the new teller machines. Rather, as teller quit throughout the year, 30 are not replaced. Turnover is 30% for tellers/ clerical personnel, 20% for supervisors.

3. With regard to new branches assume: new branches are added as follows: 10 for year 1, 12 in year 2, 16 in year 3. Each new branch employs 14 individuals (4 supervisors and 10 tellers). New branches are added evenly throughout the year. Thus for the purpose of calculating turnover, on average there are 5 new branches in year 1(50% of 10), 16 in year 2 (10 in year 1 plus 6(50% of 12) and 30 in year 3 (22 plus 8 (50% of 16). Turnover is 30% for tellers, and 20% for supervisors. With regard to the main office, assume that turnover will be 10% per year

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