Multi-Generational Workforce

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Multi-Generational Workforce

Over the past sixty years, there have been three generations, the Baby Boomer Generation, Generation X, and most currently Generation Y, also known as Millennials. As these various generations work side-by-side in the workplace, organizational behavior has changed to adapt to each generation. Managers are dealing with a generation that has a unique work ethic when compared to their more experienced colleagues. Interestingly enough, organizations and researchers are just now beginning to address issues related to generational differences that may have a significant impact on the leadership and success of the organization. It becomes imperative to learn as much about the Millennial Generation as possible. Thus, this study strives to learn more about millennial job satisfaction and organizational commitment levels based upon gender and whether or not Millennials with a graduate level degree are more likely to stay with an organization than Millennials without a graduate level degree. Baby Boomers are starting to retire and as a result more Millennials are being hired throughout the nation. As such, the differences among the generations in the workforce can create some problems for managers who are responsible for making sure that tasks are being completed. As a matter of fact, differences create problems among team members that ultimately result in reduced effectiveness. The following table depicts the three different generations currently in the workforce and when they were born.

Three Generations in the Workforce

Generation Date of Birth
Baby Boomers 1946-1964
Generation X 1965-1980
Generation Y or Millennials After 1980
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