module 9 Maternal child discussion

Discussion A: Complete the initial discussionRoslyn is complaining of severe pain. She is 6 years old and has been placed in public school for the first time. Now she is complaining of her legs hurting. She is so excited about being in school finally, but her parents report that she is not participating in play time, seems weaker, and is pale. She is diagnosed with sickle cell anemia, parents undergo genetic testing as well as all her siblings and it is found that she is the only child with the disease.Provide nursing diagnosis and nursing interventions for this child. What is your priority nursing care?Group B: Complete the subsequent discussionOnce the crisis is over what education will you provide to Roslyn and her parents?Discharge teaching should include?Is it appropriate that Roslyn stay in school? What about activities?Group B: complete the initial discussionCharley is 10 months old. His parents brought him to the pediatrician because he was sleeping more than average, refusing to eat, and is not pulling himself up as other children.He cries while in the ‘jumper’ and screams when they try to have him stand. After some time Charley’s pediatrician informs the parents that the diagnosis is ALL.In your research, what have you learned regarding this cancer and the prognosis?What are the treatment modalities recommended for this disease?Group A: Complete the subsequent discussionCharley’s parents are devastated with the diagnosis and are grieving. Their pediatrician and oncologist are supportive but realistic and scheduling a meeting with hospice for education and grief counseling.Describe grieving.Provide palliative care to your patient. Provide support to his parents.Please include in text citation and 3-4 referencesRespond to group B only

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