Leadership and the Graduate Nursing Role 2

Leadership and the Graduate Nursing Role

Leadership and the Graduate Nursing Role.The graduate nurse evidences leadership as seen in the four domains: the profession of nursing, clinical practice arena, health policy arena, and systems level. In order to complete this assignment, complete the short eighteen-question quiz (this takes approximately five minutes) about your leadership style at About.com Psychology. (n.d.). Quiz Whats your leadership style? Retrieved from https://psychology.about.com/library/quiz/bl-leadershipquiz.htm In a 3- to 5-page paper (excluding the title page, references and appendices)

You will address the following criteria:

1.Report your findings from the quiz:

a.What kind of leader were you?

b.How does this fit into your beliefs about your leadership style?

2.Examine the attributes of leadership that may be needed for graduate level nurses.

2.Analyze your personal leadership attributes you feel you have that will help you in your graduate nursing role. Also discuss those attributes that you feel you may need to develop in your graduate nursing role.

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