In an APA format paper, approximately 3-5 pages in length, address the following questions.  Locate two different quantitative studies in professional resources related to your PICOT topic of interest.  “Does handwashing among healthcare workers reduce hospital acquired infection?”      

Label each section using the template. Submit copies of studies in PDF format!


Give an overview and summary and then answer these three questions:      

Quantitative Study One – the first study what is about?

Overview; what is the overview of the study?

Study design : what kind of study is it? Is it experimental, quasi-experimental, or non-experimental

Internal validity of the study and External Validity of the study  What threats to internal and external validity were noted? Are there others you think might be present that the author(s) did not describe? Define each of these terms  

Applicability:  . Do you think this study will be applicable to your PICOT population? Why or why not? 

Quantitative Study Two


Study Design experimental, quasi-experimental, or non-experimental

Internal and External Validity


References   in APA format you must include intext citation. cite every source of information. You must upload the study article you are referring to. The study must be peer reviewed scholarly articles between 2014  and 2019 . please upload 2 different kinds of studies addressing the PICO question above.                                                

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