Family Centered Health Promotion

Minimum of 100 words and 1 reference each, discuss1) Can you describe one piece of information that you found of interest through any of these resources? There is an advantage to using validated clinical assessment tools to help guide decision making. Here are some tools that one can use to assess children for neglect and burns. Did you find anything of value in any of these assessment tools?  Related to children an issue that many of us do not like to confront and often times people will ignore because they mistakenly think these kinds of problems do not happen in the United States is sex trafficking. Sex trafficking in the United States is a “serious public health problem” (CDC, 2019). Sadly, we are also global contributors to the problem of sexual exploitation of some of our most vulnerable citizens! Do you know of any of the “red flags” that we should be looking for as community health nurses to identify someone who has been coerced or forced as a sex worker through sex trafficking?

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