Engineering Problem Writing


total of two topic syntheses. Each of these submissions will synthesize at least three news articles on a topic of your choice (different topic for each submission). Each synthesis will be one well-crafted paragraph. Refer to the Paragraphs and Synthesis handouts for tips. You may submit each synthesis separately or both at the same time. All submissions shall be in Word.


For each submission:

· Choose articles from credible industry sources (sample sources listed below)

· Provide a clear title, using the Heading 1 style in Word.

· Observe the principles of good paragraphs: Claim, Evidence, Analysis. The analysis sentence should be your opinion on the topic, based on the evidence provided in the paragraph.

· Choose articles that offer diverse viewpoints on the chosen topic (for example: the pros and cons of clean coal). Your synthesis will then summarize the opposing viewpoints and conclude with your own opinion.

· Change the Normal and Heading 1 font styles on each submission.

Suggested approach

Start with general-interest or engineering periodicals on the Internet. Find an article that discusses a current engineering topic. Then use the library resources to find at least two other articles that discuss the same topic. At least one of the sources should be an industry or academic source (not a general newspaper or magazine). Or, Google a topic that interests you and choose an article from a credible source. Then continue with the library resources.

Having at least three sources will give you enough material to work with and will lend greater credibility to your writing. You may find it necessary to reference additional sources in order to verify relevant facts. Cite all sources using the Endnote function in Word.

Do your best to make your writing clear and concise.

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