Discussion Post And Respond

Week 6: Charette protocol

None of us is as smart as all of us put together.  There is no such thing as a finish line when it comes to learning.  With these ideas in mind, share with the class a brief summary of your research project so far: what have you done learned up to this point?  Then, ask the class for feedback, advice, recommendations, or opinions about a particular aspect of your research proposal: how could the class and their input be most helpful to you?  Is there anything about your proposal that you are feeling stuck on, aside from technicalities such as APA style?  Think of this as being like when you present a client case conceptualization to your practicum or internship class and solicit feedback from your classmates, only instead of a client, you are asking for input on your research.  Ask at least one or two specific questions of the class on how their feedback could be helpful to you.  Then, respond to your classmates when they ask questions about their research proposals.

my research will be about domestic violence. So you can create something you learned so far about domestic violence and create questions to the class in your response about something you dont quite understand in regards to domestic violence

post responses to the 2 following discussions.

discussion #1

My research project consist mainly of what healthy coping interventions are set in place for post renal

transplant recipients who have experienced a miscarriage. Up to this point, I have learned the importance in

detailing my reasons for reviewing literature concerning my topic, while making sure to fully explain my

stance and organizational structure. I am asking my classmates’ advice on this question:

“How can I deconstruct the authors’ structure of an argument, to where I am able to see whether or

where it breaks down logically?”

Your advice would be most helpful to me, as I am struggling with the fundamental basic approach in

establishing the organizational aspect to the literature from each individual author.

Thank you for your future time and support.

discussion #2

My research pursuit involves the role of school counselors conducting age appropriate suicide risk assessment or screeners as part of their ethical obligation to protect their students.  My hope is to complete a review research conducted evaluating the training and grade level effectiveness suicide risk intervention practices and effective screeners used to support positive outcomes, reducing the number of suicides and as well appropriately identifying students at risk.  I have found a significant amount of research related to adolescents however there are fewer articles available for elementary age students.  Since starting my position as an elementary school counselor in February, I have screened at least one student a week for suicide risk.  The majority of students make statements without fully knowing what they are saying, typically they are expressing frustration about classwork or a perceived wrong, and don’t fully know what it means to want to “kill” themselves.  Out of nearly 30 referrals, I have had two students Baker Acted by a School Resource Officer.

The questions I would ask of my classmates are:

Is researching intervention or prevention to reduce referrals the better path?

Is the better pursuit in effective training and fidelity of assessments or screeners

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