Discussion 8: Internal Strengths and Weaknesses

HA4110D – Healthcare Planning and EvaluationDiscussion 8: Internal Strengths and WeaknessesA strength can be thought of as any internal attribute of the organization that is helpful in achieving corporate objectives, a weakness can be thought of as any internal attribute of the organization that is a hindrance in achieving corporate objectives. Review Exhibit 17.2 in your book choose two strengths and weaknesses and explain how an executive leader would use them in strategic planning.Use your own thoughts on this discussion.A minimum of 250 words is required for your initial post. Be sure to respond to two fellow students with a minimum of three sentences per response.Strategic Analysis for HealthcareEXHIBIT 17.2Strength and Weakness Analysis ExampleStrengths1. Local market dominance2. Caring staff3. Excellent administration4. Good location5. Outstanding facilities6. Strong community support7. Excellent board of trustees8. Expanding to meet growth9. Center of regional healthcare10. TechnologyWeaknesses1. Weak process to manage low-income population2. Inability to manage population without health coverage3. No process to address transient market4. Difficulty recruiting providers5. Reputation of the facility6. Not addressing changes in reimbursement7. Staff turnover8. Nursing shortageStrategic Analysis for Healthcare: Concepts and Practical Applications–Vitalsource [email protected]#magicMAN61

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