Discuss the effect the Renaissance had on psychology



  • Discuss the effect the Renaissance had on psychology
  • Explain how Thorndike ruled out the idea that cats could learn to escape through reasoning and imitation
  • How did Pavlov demonstrate the basic phenomena of conditioning, extinction, generalization, and differentiation?
  • Discuss the trends that psychology has in the new millennium
  • Compare and contrast two different schools of psychology. An example would be Gestalt and Behaviorism
  • Describe the traditional version of the Anna O. case, what really happened, and what Freud learned from the case (or thought he learned).
  • What are the similarities between john Locke’s empiricist ideas and John Watson’s behaviorist ideas?
  • Compare and contrast Radical behaviorism and Cognitive Science.
  • How did Skinners approach to science differ from Hull’s and Tolman’s?
  • Discuss Skinner’s two “mistakes” according to Staddon in addition to Staddon’s criticism of Skinner’s argument against the “autonomous man”.
    • Discuss the effect the Renaissance had on psychology
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