Developing A Professional Development Plan/Portfolio:

Develop a Professional Development Plan (PDP) following the assignment grading rubric criteria. Ensure that all content required is included in paper.

Program of Study: Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, develop a professional plan. Been a nurse for 7 years, have worked in different settings, medical/surgical units, rehab and psychiatry. Passionate about Mental Health, reason I am pursuing the Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Program. Goals; (a).To complete program in 2.5 years.(b) Provide care and treatment for the chronically mentally ill with appropriate psychopharmacologic, psychotherapeutic and psycho-social rehabilitation interventions; (c).Participating  in psychiatric administration to include leadership of interdisciplinary teams and a supervised experience in utilization review, quality assurance and performance improvement; (d).Providing psychiatric treatment while collaborating and coordinating treatment with non-medical therapists . (e).Recognizing and appropriately responding to family violence (child, partner and elderly physical, emotional and sexual abuse and neglect) and its effect on both victims and perpetrators.


 2 PAGES please , APA formatting ,submit the paper in correct APA (i.e. title page, double space, Times New Roman size 12 font, headers, page numbers, headings). Scholarly writing, correct grammar, and proper APA citations.

Rubric Detail: Please use as guide:

1).Title Page correctly formatted.

2).Body Title of paper should include; Introduction to the topic is thorough: this is a brief paragraph that provides an overview of the assignment; and iii. A purpose statement is nicely written: The purpose of the paper is to……………

3).Education and Professional Background; Brief personal introduction; a).Description of the formal and informal learning experiences that comprise educational background, including individual knowledge, skills, and accomplishments; b).Academic and research proficiencies brought to the program and areas wishing to improve while pursuing studies; and c). Personal evaluation of readiness to engage in graduate-level study.

4).Professional Goals; Statement of purpose for completing a graduate program; a).Three to four professional goals; b).Identification of how earning a master’s degree will assist in meeting goals and carrying out the mission of the University.

5). Course Orientation; Address, in detail, three to four specific learning goals you accomplished. a).Address, in detail, one area needing improvement and actions you will take to grow in that area.

6).Practicum Goals; a).Identifies one possible practicum settings that match personal, professional, and course learning goals; and b)..Identifies one project to potentially develop in your practicum setting or area of interest that addresses a real-world problem.

7). Excellent summary of main points of the paper.

Assignment Due Date 06/27/2017 at 1400Hrs:

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