Crisis Intervention, assignment help

Crisis Intervention, assignment help

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Your final Assignment in this course is a 10‒15-page paper evaluating the use of crisis intervention as part of a response effort to a real-world traumatic incident.

From the crisis intervention literature and media accounts of major incidents, find a real-world traumatic incident to use as a case study that reviews the strategic use of crisis intervention.

In your 10‒15-page paper, be sure to:

  • Identify seven crisis intervention strategies
  • Show how each of these strategies was applied in the scenario of your choosing
  • Determine if these strategies were applied correctly, explaining why or why not
  • Recommend improvements for each of these strategies that would have improved the situation.

Key sections of your paper should be:

  • Abstract
  • Introduction and historical overview of crisis intervention
  • A literature review of crisis intervention
  • After action evaluation of the use of crisis intervention in response to a real-world incident
  • Recommend improvements for the strategic and tactical use of crisis intervention based on the “lessons learned” in the case study evaluation
  • Conclusion

Please underline your thesis statement. Your thesis statement should be one, and only one, sentence that is embedded within your abstract section.

here is my thesis statement in Bold and underlined

Mandatory mental health training and assistance is needed to reduce an escalating issue with a rise in PTSD cases among first responders due to increased attacks by terrorists.  The tragic attacks of the Oklahoma City and the 1993 World Trade Center bombings were just a start of what was to come in the future.  However, the events of 9/11 changed how the U.S. now views terrorism.  Not only did Americans not feel safe on their homeland but terrorist’s continued efforts since 9/11 of attacking the U.S. and its allies on their home turf has further instilled the fear and anxiety of when the next attacks will happen.

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