Community Needs Assessment

Question description

This capstone will be assessed somewhat differently than other courses you have taken online at SNHU. There are three major components: (1) community needs assessment; (2) human services program proposal; and a (3) professional and personal reflections paper. Think of the community needs assessment and human services program proposal as the two parts of one final assessment. Your personal and professional reflection will be a separate document attached to your final submission as an appendix. The components will be submitted at different times during the course; however, they operate together to comprise the whole capstone experience. They are not assessed separately. You will be evaluated on all three as a unit in determining whether you have demonstrated proficiency in each outcome. Your instructor will guide you through this process, keeping a running narrative of your strengths and areas for growth in relation to the outcomes as you progress through the class. Your work is expected to meet the highest professional standards.

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