You are a nurse in charge of community health education in the public health department of your city. There an outbreak of a communicable/infectious disease in your area where 200 people are infected and two are in the hospital in critical condition. You need to present an education section regarding the disease to a group of people working in the emergency management program of city.Using the communicable/infectious disease topic that you choose in your week 5 assignment please develop an educational training PowerPoint presentation. The presentation must include the following;1. Objectives of the presentation2. Epidemiological data relate to the condition3. Levels of prevention and interventions4. Involvement and role of the public/community health professionals5. Impact of the condition in the community6. Plan of action7. ConclusionMinimum of 15 slides are required. You must follow APA guidelines and use at least 4 evidence-based references.Due date: Sunday, February 23, 2020, @ 11:59 P.M. in the discussion tab of the blackboard and in the SafeAssign exercise.

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