chapter 11 discussion

Question Description

  1. Once you have completed Chapter 11 – Assignment, do the following:
    • Observe the professors own page.
    • What do you think?
    • Is this something that is a good idea?
    • Do you think that this could help your career?
    • How could one use this to advance your career?
    • Do you feel like the union is beneficial? Or do you feel the union is a waste of time and money?
  2. Answer the questions as thoroughly and concisely as possible.
    1. Be sure to reference any works that you utilize in answering the questions (Be sure that references are in APA format).
    2. professor page:Having spent the last decade and a half teaching in a Nursing Program at Miami-Dade College, I am now trying to back up my credentials with certifications and clinical expertise that will stand as proof of my commitment. Hopefully, this will take me to the next step in my career.
      During the past few years I have built a start to a Certification in Gerontology that hopefully will be offered to students in the RN to BSN program someday. As of now there are two classes that I have created from scratch- Fundamentals of Gerontology and End-of-Life or Palliative Nursing Care. Eventually I would like to add two more classes (at least) and offer students a certification in Gerontology upon successful completion of the classes.
      Also in the works is the idea of getting either another Masters or Doctorate in Gerontology so as to increase my ability to build a credible program within the School of Nursing at MDC. Some other plans that are in the works: Certification in Nursing Education (CNE)- Research projects in “Write around technique to alleviate plagiarism use” and “Fluid balance charting as a training technique” to be conducted at MDC.
      Also, several papers are in the works, at different stages, including Multidrug Resistant Organisms and their role in Nursing Homes” that was recently presented at the 8th Interprofessional Geriatric Training Symposium at Nova Southeastern University (May, 2015}. Also, after taking care of a patient that had Mantle Cell Lymphoma, I became very interested in the disease and the care of individuals with this normally fatal disorder. Lastly, my old favorite that I studied while getting my doctorate, the problem with convincing people the benefit of the Human Papillomavirus Vaccine.
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