carbs and lipids

Read the chapters in the text on carbohydrates and lipids. There is a lot of mis-information on the web about these nutrients, so if you web sites instead of the text, use university, hospital or government websites only (i.e. National Institute of Health, Tufts University, Mayo Clinic) and cite your sources in your post. Comment on how much fat or carbohydrate a person should eat everyday. Are there essential fats? Are carbohydrates essential? Are some types of carbohydrates healthier options than others?  What does the research say about artificial sweeteners? Do you think there are good fats and bad fats? Explain? Are there benefits to low fat diets? low carb diets? Are there problems with low fat or low carb diets? What is the Mediterranean diet and is it a healthy diet? Explain. What would you change about the level of fat or types of fat in your own diet and explain why? Answer all of the above questions.

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