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Conduct a research and then report your findings in a potentially publishable manuscript. The first step in the capstone process is to identify a researchable problem; this is what you will be working on for the project.(This part has been done and attached but will need revision.)

The literature review section is a thorough overview of at least three conceptual topics relevant to your research. Each of the following three units permits the exploration of these topics.

Identified potential topics for your research. Take the elemental components of your research topic and explore them until you become the subject matter expert.

Each subsection of your literature review should be 3–5 pages, totaling a completed literature review of 9–15 pages. Should have a reference list with at least 25 scholarly resources which are present throughout the literature review section.

Elaborate on the methodologies associated with your Capstone. The methods section of your research focuses on the population, sampling frame, and analyzed data.

The discussion section focuses on the implications of your research and the application of your findings.

Review the front and back matter are presented properly and formatted according to publication standards. This week, focus your efforts on your title page, table of contents, figures, headers, references, and citations.

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