Business and Management Question – multiple choice questions about Psychology

1.You do an experiment to show that smoking causes cancer. What is the dependent variable?A. Whether participants develop cancer or not

B. Whether participants smoke or not

C. The number of participants in the experiment

D. Experiments do not have dependent variables

2.Which of the following procedures is only relevant to experimental research?

A. Operational definitions

B. Random selection (also called random sampling)

C. Hypotheses

D. Random assignment

3.Carl is conducting a study to see if room temperature affects memory performance during a classroom setting. He splits his participants into three groups and has them each watch an instructional video in a different room. He makes the temperature in one room slightly warmer than normal, another slightly colder than normal, and the third he keeps at a typical room temperature. Afterwards, he quizzes his subjects on the content of the video and compares their performance. Carl’s study would be an example of:

A. Correlational research

B. Experimental research

C. Descriptive Research

D. none of the above

4.You conduct an experiment in which you hypothesize that the moods of participants will be influenced by the amount of light that they are exposed. What is the dependent variable in this study?

A. The amount of light that participants are exposed

B. The number of participants

C. The mood of participants

D. Experimental research does not involve dependent variables

5.To derive a standard deviation you

A. Average all the scores, square them, and then take the square root

B. Take the square root of each score, add the positive roots together, and divide by the number of scores

C. Square each score, subtract the squared score from the mean, sum the difference scores, and take the square root of this value

D. Subtract the mean from each score, and square this value, sum the squares and divide the sums by the number of scores minus 1, then take the square root

6.A correlation of +1.03 is

A. weak

B. moderately strong

C. very strong

D. not possible

7.What is the outlier in this distribution of numbers [1 1 1 2 3 3 2 4 9]?





8.Headache medicines work in part because you think that they will work. This is called the

A. Hindsight bias

B. Fundamental attribution error

C. Placebo effect

D. Clever Hans Phenomenon

9.Mary is conducting research to see how much time the typical college student spends either talking or texting on their cell phone. She has participants fill out logs of their entire cell phone

usage for a week, along with collecting information such as demographics and their make and model of cell phone. Mary’s study would be considered

A. Correlational research

B. Experimental research

C. Descriptive Research

D. none of the above

10.The positive correlation between ice cream sales and violent crime is most likely explained by the fact that

A. Ice cream can cause severe headaches, which make people more aggressive

B. Violent people tend to enjoy ice cream more than non-violent people

C. Ice cream sales and violent crime both increase when it is hot outside

D. Ice cream contains small traces of cow-produced testosterone, and testosterone has been show to make people more aggressive

11.Gathering a group of students in a class and giving them a survey would be an example of

A. convenience sampling

B. random selection

C. random assignment

D. a clinical outcome study

12.Martha is looking for the potential for mindreading in her fellow students. She thinks of a number and then asks her classmates to clear their mind and attempt to “feel” which number she is thinking of. If someone guesses correctly, she believes she has found a mind reader, no matter how many incorrect guesses the person may have made previously. Martha is conducting

A. Correlational research

B. Experimental research

C. Descriptive Research

D. none of the above

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