watch this documentary to assist with prompt and attached fileDocumentary Prison Kids: A Crime Against America’s Children [HD] (2015) OPTIONAL reading on youth Incarceration: words due WEDNESDAY APA FORMATPROMPT: After watching the video Prison Kids, answer the following questions:1.  What was the most surprising aspect presented in the film? What did you learn from the film that you did not know before?2.  What role does race play in who enters the juvenile justice system and how the system responds to the needs of youth of color?3.  What messages about adolescent development, mental health, and trauma emerge through this film? What is the impact of incarceration on these issues?4.  What should or could have been done to better respond to the needs of the young people in the film? Find one community-based alternative to incarceration or prevention program available in your community. What’s the agency or program name, mission and what services are provided? Include a link to the agency website if available.

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