Answering case study on supply and process management, project and innovation management

Question Description

1. Draw a value stream map (incl. all involved process parties) for the as-is process: “Serving the customer from entering the restaurant, preparing and serving the food until paying the bill”. Who is involved? Which processes take place? Which interfaces are required? Then draw an improved value stream map and explain in detail, which actions have to be taken to improve the process and prepare the restaurant for the future – following the Lean Operations principles. Consider for your improvement plan that investments (capital expenditures) in general can be made and that Mario plans to connect the restaurant to a food delivery platform and offer his customers home delivery at the same standards.

2.Apparently, there are quality issues leading to the decreasing number of customers and customer satisfaction. Draw a fishbone diagram and map apparent quality issues described above and also think of correlating, implicit issues that might also contribute to the current quality issue. Define the top 5 activities, how to improve the quality short- to midterm.

3.Foodandbeverages(perishable,freshproducts)arethemainsupplycategoryof“DaLuigi”. Therefore, Marco develops a category strategy for “food & beverages” that further supports the competitive advantage of the restaurant. Elaborate the criteria the supplier(s) need(s) to fulfill, describe your supplier selection process for this specific category in detail and provide concrete examples (by further desk research), which suppliers should receive an RFI.

4.Marco is aware of the risk the restaurant faces when the supply chain interrupts. To make that more concrete, sketch the supply chain of “Da Luigi” and identify potential supply chain risks. In the next step, prioritize them by means of a basic scoring model. Which is the most significant risk and how to handle it?

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