Advanced Business Writing Discussion

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  • Discuss: Examining a sample report from Victoria Business School
  • Discussion Topic: Please download the document, “How to Write a Business Report,” from Victoria University. The document is linked to in Content for Week 3.Please access page 26 of the document, “An Example of a Finished Report.”You will peruse the report, which covers pages 27-41.After reading the assigned pages from the Victoria Business School’s “Example of a Finished Report,” you will answer a series of questions. Your responses should run 1-2 sentences per question. These questions will help you prepare for your own business report.
    For your initial post in this forum (due Thursday):
    1. What problem is the author addressing?
    2. Where in the report does the author cite secondary research? You can mention one or two pages.
    3. What types of primary research the author cite in the report? You can give one or two examples.
    4. Consider your research-based report for this class. Specify your problem, your possible solution, and your ideas for your own primary research that you will conduct at your workplace. (Note that actual primary research is required for the final report & must be planned for and started early to complete it on time. If you will need to ask permission from a supervisor, consider this as well in planning your primary research.)
    Peer replies in this forum are optional this week.
  • Discuss: Understanding the Background Literature Review (Writing Assignment #2, the synthesis essay)
  • Discussion Topic To succeed on the Background Literature Review (WA#2), you need to know what it means to synthesize sources and how synthesizing is different from writing an annotated bibliography. In this discussion, you will write two short paragraphs explaining these two points. This activity reinforces the writing concepts demonstrated in the sample paper and video review of Tom Student’s paper available in the Week 3 content.For this discussion topic, please complete the following:
    1. Read through the sample essay for WA#2. In addition, watch the video on strategies for WA#2.
    2. In your own words, explain what it means to synthesize sources in a paper.
    3. How is synthesizing different from writing an annotated bibliography?
    For your post, please compose 1-2 well-developed paragraphs with quotes/citations to support your explanations.

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