Assignment 6.1: Food JournalStep 1: Pull out your food journalUsing your own diet analysis,  set up a dietary consultation as if you were with a client. The client may be fictional or yourselfCreate a goal for your “client”.  It can be a made up goal or one that you have for yourself.Analyze your diet by looking at the diet and exercise as a whole over the duration of your journalSome things to include:Determine any dietary suggestions that may be necessary to meet the client’s goalDoes the client (or you) eat more over the weekend?Does the client (or you) eat more during the week?Do your exercise patterns change during the week compared to the weekend?Does your macronutrient (Fat, Protein, and Carbohydrates) break out work towards the overall goal for yourself or your “client? If yes, Explain why.  If no, How can you improve to meet the nutritional goal?Based on your Food log, clients body composition, and overall health goal- determine if the goal was realistic to achieve.  If yes, explain why.  If not, how would you help them to create a realistic goalYour food recommendations paper should be a minimum of 2-3 pages in length, APA formatted, properly cited reference page, 12 point fontStep 2: Create a Food Journal PortfolioInclude in this order:Title pagePersonal Food JournalFood Journal AnalysisFood Recommendations for a fictional client or yourselfReference PageAll components to your portfolio must be presented in essay style APA format, include properly cited reference page, title page, and 12 point font

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