2 coments each one 150 words (CITATION AND REFERENCE)

reply1Financial aspect: money is required to set the ball rolling for a majority of healthcare related projects including EBP practices including setting up facilities for nurses and patients as well as hiring personnel to help in the implementation where necessary. The money can be sourced from donors, government or investments. In this case, a yoga instructor will be needed to train nurses on how to use yoga to promote mindfulness. Other resources will include a room for yoga practice as well as yoga mats which each participating nurse will have to acquire at their own cost.Quality aspect: the aim of this EBP is to promote quality of care to patients by reducing patient safety events and medical errors associated with nurse burnout. Reducing burnout makes nurses more cognitively and emotionally present to provide quality care to patients. This improves patient safety and outcomes (Alexander, Rollins, Walker, Won, & Pennins, 2015).Clinical aspect: this EBP project seeks to address the negative effects of nurse burnout as a challenge to clinical practice. This is because burnout is associated with emotional exhaustion, high rates of perceived stress, depersonalization as well as high rates of job dissatisfaction among nurses (Melynk, 2016). Additionally, the high rates of turnover as a result of burnout perpetuates the issue of nursing shortage that continues to plague the healthcare system.ReferencesAlexander, G., Rollins, K., Walker, D., Won, L., & Pennins, J. (2015). Yoga for self-care and burnout prevention among nurses. Workplace Health and Safety, 7(1), 65-71. Retrieved April 7, 2020, from https://doi.org.10.1177/2165079915596102Melynk, B. (2016). Improving healthcare quality, patient outcomes, and costs with evidence-based practice. Reflections on Nursing Leadership, 1(6), 45-61.reply2After a brief discussion with my preceptor, we have connected some aspects that are key to the change proposals development. For the clinical aspect we realized that it would take continue research on studies regarding the effects of asthma in children and why it is important to highlight asthma and address it in the school setting. It is important to present to the parents, staff, stakeholders, and children the numbers of mortality and morbidity in relation to uncontrolled or poorly addressed asthma. This includes the demonstration of proper use of medication, inhalers, spacers, and of new technologies that could be extremely helpful in the management of asthma. This covers the quality aspect of the change proposal. Ensuring that medication administration, education is effective, and of quality. May the environment be appropriately maintained and free of triggers to reduce incidents of asthma in the school and the homes. Financial aspect to be considered is the cost of materials to provide the parents and staff of information. There is no price on education on ensuring that families of low income that is overpopulated in the community where the school rests, are informed, and provided with proper resources. This is a community effort with the help of external and internal stakeholders, donation of time here is the most relevant. Printed materials can be costly if using major printing facilities unless they too are incorporated into bringing awareness of asthma. Materials can also be collected from neighboring hospitals, and organizations with like goals. The cost to address if any, are the capability of parents to afford medication, ensuring their insurance covers, and that they have insurance to begin with, if not to direct them with the right resources during presentation. Taking time out to educate these individuals can impact each aspect directly and indirectly. It is important to help them recognize when their asthma is deteriorating, and make decisions about when to adjust their medication, when to use emergency treatment and when to seek professional help (Pinnock, 2015). Considerations include staff participation during work for an educational lesson on asthma and how they can be helpful in the management, or even dedicate time after work hours to stay and learn about what they can do to help control asthma triggers in the school setting. Collaborative effort in addressing the issues, whether by engaging with parents and students, sharing kind reminders of necessary documents needed by providers of proper care in the school setting, etc. Other things to think about is the positive effects of implementing the change proposal that can be impactful in attendance, parents’ ability to go to work and reduce on medical bills.ReferencePinnock H. (2015, June 11). Supported self-management for asthma. Breathe (Sheffield, England), 11(2), 98–109. https://doi.org/10.1183/20734735.015614

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